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About Shango Products

Shango Products got started somewhat by accident in 2010. In 2008 we opened a clothing store, Shangos Boutique, in a neighborhood where there weren't many businesses. A few months later Walmart and Target opened up and our business started to go under. When we couldn't break our lease, an uncle (a Santeria priest) suggested we sell candles. We had nothing to lose and started with 20 boxes of candles.

Sure enough, thank the angels, nine years later, we're the largest candle store in Northern California. With 6000 sq. ft.of space and more than 500 different kinds of candles, we now distribute to other stores. We used to buy all our stock from other companies, but now we make and sell our own products. As a wholesaler, we work with Wicca, African spiritual supply, and more. We're the largest distributor of esoteric products.

Spiritual & Religious Items

Shango Products specializes in general, spiritual, and religious items. Our customers receive the best service. We have the highest quality products to meet all your religious needs. Visit one of our retail locations and see our great selection. You'll discover the lowest prices in Northern California.

Authentic Materials

We use authentic materials and make the 22-hour flight to Nigeria and bring back original products, not fakes. Iroso, used in Ifa, is made from non-edible plant seeds crushed together. Some people in the US package corn flour to imitate Iroso. Everything we use is 100% authentic.

Ifa Yemi S.

Spiritual Guidance

We are a religious store with seven generations of spiritual Yoruba practice. Rely on our experience in the spiritual world. The people who work in our store may not have all the answers you need, but we have a network and the backing of elders in the spiritual world who can offer counselling. Our network includes people that practice this for a living in Cuba, Nigeria, and Brazil. When a situation arises that we're unsure about, we make a call to Nigeria or Cuba, explain the situation and get the right advice.

Meet the Business Owner, Ifa Yemi S.

Ifa Yemi is a Babalawo initiated in Ile-Ife Nigeria. When he opened Shango Products it was his desire to provide the best quality esoteric products at the most reasonable prices. Since then Shango Products has flourished and become one of the biggest religious stores in California. We plan on offering videos to educate people on how to prepare and perform rituals. With faith everything is possible and you can succeed over every obstacle.