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Essences & Herbs for Body & Mind

Shango Products is located in West Sacramento, California. We stock Northern California's largest selection of esoteric products and more than 500 different kinds of candles. Our online store offers convenient nationwide shipping. Trust that our essential oils, herbs, and incense are made with 100% authentic ingredients.

High-Quality Oils

Essential Oils

Our essential oils are purchased by customers using them for religious purposes. They are also popular with people who do not practice any type of religion, but use them at home for physical therapy, aromatherapy, and massage therapy as well. Discover the healing benefits of eucalyptus oil, menthol, and more. These high-quality oils are very strong, full of natural essence. You're sure to find what you're looking for — we have more than 280 different oils. Some are blended for specific purposes, such as money drawing oil and love oil.

Herbal Preparations

Come to our store for herbs as well. These herbs are for spiritual uses, not for consumption or smoking. Primarily the herbs are used to bathe with. Place them in water and boil them, then drain the infusion and throw the wilted herbs away. Adjust the water temperature to comfortably bathe with it. This is a wonderful method of spiritual healing and cleansing. Our Cuban herbs are for spiritual cleansing purposes. You can use herbs for jinx removing, miracle healing, bringing money, and more. We also have herbs for those who practice Wicca.

Incense & Sage

You can choose from 100 different kinds of incense from HEM. We are a leader in esoteric products and have the lowest prices. Sage is a very popular herb in many cultures, with many uses. You'll find white sage and blue sage too.

Products From Around the World

Our products come from several countries. It's important to source authentic items, so we travel to Nigeria twice a year to bring back African products for our customers. Mexican products are kept in stock too. When it comes to religious products we have statues from two inches high up to human size, even a St. Jude that is six feet tall. We also carry:

• Santeria Products
• Voodoo Products
• Palo Monte Products
• Ifa Products
• Santa Muerte Products

• Catholic Products
• Malverde Products

Grim Reaper Statue