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Religious Candles for All Beliefs

Shango Products is located in West Sacramento, California. You'll love the esoteric products in our retail store and the convenient nationwide shipping offered in our online store. We stock Northern California's largest selection of candles, and we have authentic essential oils, herbs, and incense too.

Religious Candles

Choose from more than 500 different types of candles. Our variety includes plain candles with no stickers or painting, candles in glass bottles, and figure candles too. We're connected to people throughout the world who have generations in various religions. You'll find candles here that other websites don't have, such as Olokun, a saint-angel. No one else carries this candle. We have the Nana Buruku candle (a saint), and it's a very rare find. We're the only company to make it. Other candles include:

• Wicca Candles
• Santeria Candles
• Catholic Candles
• Voodoo Candles
• Love Candles
• Money Drawing Candles
• Healing Candles
• Road Opener Candles
• Plain Candles
• Holy Death Candles
• Grim Reaper Candles
• San Simon Candles
• Man Candles
• Woman Candles
• Gay Candles
• Lesbian Candles
Candles in a Glass Container

Candles Big & Small

Discover our selection of household candles and jumbo candles. The difference is the time they take to burn. A household candle is about six inches tall and takes about five hours to burn. We also have cocktail candles that are already prepared with a special fragrance. Choose from strawberry, vanilla, lavender, or avocado. These are spiritual candles as well. When you light them honoring your beliefs, they provide a nice fragrance in your home.